Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break! Or, More Particularly, Disneyland!

  This last week was mine and McKay's spring break. I was not looking forward to a week off in Albany with no school because, honestly, there is next to nothing to do in Albany. So, we opted to go visit my parents in Southern California, and (more importantly), a place where the sun is occasionally out. Yay for Vitamin D!

  Due to my parent's extreme kindness/generosity, we also got to go to Disneyland! I love Disneyland. So very, very much. It's especially fun to go with McKay, because he did not grow up with Disneyland like I did, so pretty much everything is new to him. Consequently, we did lots of things we never do anymore (like the Tiki Room--everyone needs to go on it once, and then you're pretty much set for life), and we all had a great time.
 The line to meet Mickey was super short, and McKay needed to make up for lost time. We both felt like giants, though, hence our slumping.

 McKay was also DYING to go on the canoes. I have done the canoes only once, and quickly learned to never do it again. Most people don't feel like paddling, the ones who do never have a rhythm and usually find a way to splash you with their paddle, and your arms kill by the end. It's a good thing I love this man (we're in the middle, McKay is wearing a yellow sweatshirt).

  There was some technical difficulty on Haunted Mansion, so we got stuck in the Seance Room for about ten or fifteen minutes. Everyone started taking pictures and texting, and we eventually gave into the peer pressure.

  After reviewing the photo, we noticed the couple in the background, making good use of their time. After debating shortly, I decided they needed to document this lovely moment.

  They caught on with the whole flash thing, though. Too bad. We then proceeded to feel silly the rest of the ride, especially when exiting with them right behind us. We also ran into them later, much to our pleasure. This is why I should never be spontaneous.

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