Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nightmares, or Not My Funnest Entry Ever

 I remember hearing that pregnant people have weird dreams. This makes me terrified for when I'm pregnant, because, honestly, my dreams are weird enough as it is. And, when I'm lucky enough to have nightmares, absolutely terrifying.

  I seem to get more than my fair share of nightmares. And these aren't "I went to school in my underwear" nightmares. These are "Freddy Krueger will kill me if I fall back asleep" nightmares. Sometimes it helps for me to tell McKay my nightmare, because it suddenly sounds silly. Other times I know that won't work.

  Anyway, I bring this up because last night I had one of those nightmares. In this dream, I was a prince (okay, yeah, that part was weird. I mean, a royal and a man? Frued's head is exploding in his grave), and I suddenly got a phone call. The caller was using a voice scrambler, and it kept cutting in and out (bad reception). The gist of it, though, was that I had to find something (it cut out when he said what), or he would kill my best friend. I didn't take it too seriously, though, and wandered around the hallway outside my bedroom trying to figure out what he was saying. Then he said, "I thought you might need a little incentive. So I left you a present." Right then, a good friend of mine who was also in the hallway gasped dramatically. I stared at him, then followed his gaze to the ceiling. A large vent was there. And I could see clearly through the vent slots at least five bodies contorted there. Looking around the room, there were a surprising number of large vents taking up space on the walls. All of them had human bodies pressed up against them. Staring at me.

  There was a little more to the nightmare, but that part was what left me shivering next to McKay after I woke up, forcing myself to keep my eyes open because I was afraid if I closed them again, I would see the bodies smashed up against the vent grills. And I dunno, maybe it is a silly nightmare (I mean, who has multiple five foot long vents in a hallway?), but it still makes me panic thinking about it.

  Does anyone else get horrible nightmares? Sorry this entry is kind of weird, it's just been haunting me all day, and I had to get it out somehow. Or "vent" would be the right word, I guess. *shiver*


  1. I get really sick nightmares too! Like violent scary ones. I had to stop watching all scary movies, all crime shows and most news programs in order to stop having them like every night.

  2. You know how you need to not drink water after 7pm so you don't need to get up during the night to go to the bathroom. I think it works the same way with scary movies.

  3. That would be a good idea. . . except I never watch scary movies. My subconscious is just pretty freaky naturally, I guess.