Sunday, May 29, 2011

On a Related Note . . .

 Today I warned my CTR 4s that I had I very bad headache, so they would have to be EXTRA reverent.

 They promptly forgot by the end of my sentence.

  My favorite comments I got today (from children I called on with hands raised, too, so I was torn between frustrated and amused) were, "One time I lost a tooth, and I had to get a silver one, and then the silver one looks weird in the mirror and . . .[etc]" and "My favorite color is blue."

  I can see why these comments were relevant, as we were talking about prayer.


  1. I'm in primary too and it is pretty hilarious what they come up with. When Elliott was asked today in primary what she would do if Jesus was there in the room with us she said "I would repent!"

  2. I get comments like those from my class too...and they are 12! My most often used phrase is "Is this relevant to the lesson?"