Wednesday, June 1, 2011

*Sigh of Relief*

 In five days, I wrote nine papers. Yeah, NINE. Like, almost ten. And over double the number of English classes I'm even taking, what the crap is up with that? Anyway, I survived. Barely.

  How, you may rightfully ask? I can answer in two words: 'Neopets' and 'MST3K'.

  Neopets is a site I started going on when I was twelve years old, when the internet was some crazy new thingamabob that I really had no idea how to work--but I knew how to get onto Neopets! Anyway, it's really geeky, like Pokemon, but possibly lamer, but I somehow became reacquainted with it recently and I CAN'T STOP PLAYING ON IT. I mostly go for the games . . . mostly. It makes me feel like how I did in middle school and I was secretly still playing with my Barbies . . . I keep thinking, "I'm really too old for this, I probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do." But, what can you do? The heart wants what the heart wants.

  MST3K is short for Mystery Science Theater 3000, an old cheesy show that basically makes fun of old, really crappy movies. I recently discovered that they have a plethora of these up on youtube. During my paper-writing time, I watched The Violent Years, The Touch of Satan, The Screaming Skull, The Atomic Brain, Puma Man, and Hobgoblins. As you can tell by the titles, classics one and all.

  Really, looking back, it's a wonder I got any papers done at all with all the gaming and crappy-movie-watching. To celebrate, I am now watching Devil Fish. It sounds promising.


  1. We just watched "The Touch of Satan" last night on Netflix! Totally awesome!

  2. I quite enjoyed that one, too. I would highly recommend "The Violent Years" and "The Screaming Skull" as well.

  3. The incredible melting man is pretty good, too.

  4. Haha Julia you are my hero. I played Neopets like all last summer, and I too love MST3K. You should watch The Final Sacrifice if you haven't already. It was quite a while ago that I watched it, but I remember it being pretty funny. Also, I'm pretty sure the same guys or similar guys do commentary for recent movies, called Rifftrax. I think they're like 4 bucks each or something, and although I've only seen one (for Twilight) I nearly died. Anywho, just a suggestion. :)