Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pregnancy FAQ

  Seriously, guys, do you have any idea how hard it was not to blog about all this pregnancy stuff for the last five weeks? Well, let me tell you, it was HARD. Finally something awesome and new to blog about, and it was a secret. Yeesh!

 Now that I CAN blog about it, I'm having a hard time thinking of where to begin. Let's pretend you've all asked me a bunch of questions that I've kindly formulated into an FAQ so I can talk about my new favorite thing (being pregnant). K? k.

Q: Exactly how far along are you?
A: Ten weeks as of tomorrow, so I'm getting close to my second trimester (fourth of the way there! Woot!)

Q: Are you experiencing crazy cravings? (this is one of my favorite questions to ask other pregnant ladies for some reason)
A: Not exactly. It's more of a "what's the one thing that doesn't sound disgusting to eat today?" The answer to this question is almost always fast food. In one week I ate at Taco Bell, Burger King, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Panda Express. Yup. So, if you were going to ask if I've gained any pregnancy weight, the answer is "yes". Because my baby only likes cheap, greasy, heart-attack inducing foods. McKay, to cut down on our food bill, is surviving mostly off of cheap spaghetti so I can eat my way through every greasy establishment known to mankind. Luckily, this suits him just fine, as spaghetti was 2/3 of his meals throughout most of college, and he has grown to miss it since I figured out how to cook. 

Q: How's the morning sickness?
A: Sucky, thanks for asking. Seriously, though, it depends on the day. Lately it's not too bad, but some days are worse than others.

Q: Have you guys thought of any names?
A: Yes. Yes, we have. I'm hesitant to state them, however, as I get rather possessive over such things and I'm afraid one of the 10,392 pregnant women I know will steal them. Maybe later, when we've whittled the list down a bit more (PS, anyone have any boy names they love that I can steal? I have a zillion girl names, but boy names are not as much fun to me for some reason)

Q: Did you cry when they drew your blood at the doctor's appointment yesterday?
A: Yes, I surely did. A lot. They had one nurse come over for the sole purpose of holding my hand and talking gibberish to me, which made me cry more because she was so nice. One doctor gave me a "flower" of two large Tinkerbell stickers on a stick after it was over. I'm sure they're definitely convinced I'm mature enough to handle a baby. Which reminds me, when I made my doctor's appointment weeks ago, the receptionist automatically assumed I was under my parent's insurance after hearing my birthday. When I said I was under my husband's, the receptionist said, "Oh! Good!".

Q: How did you tell McKay?
A: Well, being influenced by the movie Juno, particularly the line "your eggo is preggo", I got a carton of eggs and wrote "My eggo is preggo" on them. I then demanded eggs for dinner that night. I could tell the instant McKay finally opened that carton of eggs, because he (laughingly) yelled, "What the--? Julia, did you write this?" Me: "Um, yeah." McKay: "Is this supposed to mean something?" Me: "Um . . . maybe." We then laughed and hugged and kissed. Hooray!

  Anything I've missed? Tell/ask me in the comments, and I'll get right on that. Because, man, do I love being able to talk about this now!


  1. hahaha you are so creative! I love how you told McKay! I miss you so much.

  2. I LOVED how you told McKay! Oh, so very sweet and creative! I also loved his reaction! Congrats, what a lucky baby to have the two of you as parents!!!