Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aspen Grove

  When I think of this year's Aspen Grove, four things come readily to mind. They are, in no particular order, 1.) Scribblish. 2.) Buying pretty maternity clothes. 3.) Reading on the porch, and 4.) Jes is not fun to hike with.

  Scribblish is a great game if you have lots of terrible artists laying around (which we did). You start with a strange caption like "Pirates invaded my birthday party". You then have to draw said caption. You pass it to the next person, who sees the picture, but not the original caption, and they concoct a new caption from what they see. The next person draws a new picture from the new caption, and on it goes for about seven turns. Hilarity ensues! Seriously, I laughed so hard my throat seized up a couple times. My favorite was one that started out something like "I saw a fish floating away with balloons". Somehow this became "A dolphin wants to marry me. Should I?" [this is cracking me up just remembering it, it was so great with the accompanying picture, I promise]. This ended up "The Catholic bride consults a fish on her wedding day." Anyway, I highly recommend this game if you, like us, suck at drawing.

  Yeah, not much more to add about the maternity clothes bit. But they are very, very pretty, and I kind of want to keep wearing them after the baby is born because they're way cuter than my normal clothes. Stacy and Clinton would not approve.

  Strangely, reading on the porch was the only thing I took pictures of. Yeah, I was really bad this vacation. But here you go!

  As you might be able to see, I was reading The Help. Pretty good book, I enjoyed it, though the ending (or lack thereof) put me in a tizzy. Livi Love liked accompanying Mom and I during our reading bouts. She's good people.

  I love my sister-in-law, Jes. She's also good people. But hiking with her makes everyone else exhausted. I thought this was just me because of my little legs, but even "Elasti-Legs" Nicole [not a real nickname of hers, but it should be] had problems keeping up. Despite this, we have opted to keep Jes in the family.

   And that pretty much sums up my Aspen Grove week. Good times.

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  1. The fact that you said "She's good people" just re-confirmed to me why we're friends. I wish we could hang out!