Thursday, July 14, 2011

Proof That Photographers Are Awesome

  As I'm sure you've been able to sense over the past few months, I am no photographer. Heck, I'm just glad if the thing's not blurry. So when my Aunt Diane (who is an amazing photographer, I had to beg for months for her to do my wedding photos) requisitioned a feltie, my immediate response was that I would be happy to, if she agreed to take pictures of it for me.

  A little background on this feltie: My cousin Tori, who is Aunt Diane's daughter, is dating a wonderful and handsome young man, Sone. They met in Hawaii, where Sone works climbing up coconut trees, I imagine for tourists' benefit. Tori often commented that he looked like a monkey climbing up the tree, which quickly became his nickname. For reasons none of us can quite figure out, Sone decided that proper retaliation was to call Tori "Tiger".

   Yeeeaaaah! Now THAT's photography! They're even more amazing when you blow them up.If you want to see more of my very talented Aunt Diane's photography click here.

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  1. Julia, you are an amazing artist! And a very funny writer! I love you, and your darling felties!!! Thank you for your very kind words and for making this darling feltie for Tori and Sone. You are awewome!