Monday, July 25, 2011

Birthday Wish List

  McKay has a new system to bribe me into writing my book (I'll get into that another day), so I'm procrastinating by looking up things I want for my birthday. Two and a half months early. I guess I was jealous that McKay got to have a birthday list (just because his birthday is actually coming up, psh), and we also got into a discussion of how McKay never knows what to buy me, even though I want pretty much everything I set eyes on, so I decided to make it really easy on him and make a list that is a mile and a half long for him to choose from to ensure I never get another cooler again. Here are some items on the list:

"The Giant Suburban Bear Monster visits NYC" print by Matte Stephens. Or pretty much any print by him, I adore his style. Isn't the sleepy Godzilla-thing so cute you just want to squeeze him til he pops??

Awesome character beanie. I have to watch Totoro first so I won't be a complete poser for the second one, but I love everything else I've seen with Hayao Miyazaki, so it's a safe bet. I saw a girl wearing a Kermit beanie at Disneyland once that my family immediately made fun of, but I've been fantasizing about it ever since. I have yet to see one of such good quality again, though, so if you see one around, let me know. Also, R2D2 is friggin' awesome.

  Old hardcover books. Aren't they beautiful? I love how they look, though I do require that they be books I would actually read, because otherwise I'll feel far too fake. There's a used bookstore here that I adore and check every once in a while just to see if there are any hardcover books that catch my eye, because I'd like to have a full bookcase of prettiness eventually.

 Wall decals. But awesome ones. None of this winding tree or "Live Laugh Love" crap, I want SEA CREATURES on my wall! You can buy this awesomeness HERE on etsy.

  That's part of my list thus far. What are you guys asking for for your birthdays, be they near or far?

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