Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Don't Even Need a Rubber Ducky

  All my life, I have felt a bit embarrassed and out of place with society. I've often found myself wondering "Am I the only one out there? Why does no one else seem to feel the way I do?" with discomfort.

  And all because I love baths.

  Any other bath-lovers out there? Most people scoff at this in derision when they learn this tiny piece of my life, and I feel my face burn. But here's the thing--BATHS ARE SO GREAT! I mean, can you read awesome books while taking a shower? No. Nor do I find showers particularly relaxing, having to stand up the entire time. Plus, I have been raised to believe that a bath cures everything. Headache? Take a bath. Cramps? Take a bath. Whooping cough? Bath time!

  Sasha also often felt persecuted for her favorite relaxant. In fact, she was often given a wide berth from her community, and tears would fill her eyes as she would hear muttered comments of, "Bathes in her own filth--what is this, the fifteenth century? And it makes her smell so funny!". But even those hurtful words could not keep her turning on the faucet, draining half a bottle of smelling salts, and soaking to her favorite Ben E. King CD turned down low. This is what pure bliss looks like.


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