Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Generic Mermaid Finds Generic Clown Fish

   Lest you think I got my inspiration for this feltie came from two popular children's movies, you're wrong. I must give credit where it's due, and the credit belongs to this awesome piece McKay and I spotted in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

  I cracked up for quite some time when I first saw it, and yesterday I decided the mermaid's discovery needed to be immortalized in felt.

  Who found Remo, the lost clown fish? Why, Iriel did, the spunky teenage mermaid! They're original characters, as the Simpson's Sherri Boppins would say, "Like Ricky Rouse and Monald Muck." The two spent many a happy hour together, and Remo even participated in Tebastian's song about how life in the ocean is far better than life on land. But after Iriel ignored all of their reasonable advice and gained legs from the sea wizard, Ersulan, Remo wandered away from his new group of friends and was quickly captured by divers. Who ate him.
The end.

  And, just because I've missed my kitty, I'm going to throw in a picture of Sylvester "helping" me.
  When he finally got up and ambled away, I discovered some of the glue from the rim of the background had gotten on my pants, causing a good section of cat fur to be glued to my favorite pair of pants. Hooray!

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