Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pregnancy Leads to Babies?? What?!

  Yesterday was my second doctor's visit, very routine (I'm sixteen weeks now, by the by!), but it was the first one that McKay was able to come to.

  I tried to describe to him after the first one how incredible it was to see the ultrasound (even though, yes, McKay, it DOES look like an alien) and hearing the heartbeat was, because it suddenly made it real. He smiled, said that was awesome, but I could tell he didn't GET IT, you know? Because suddenly I knew there was a TEENSY TINY PERSON inside my stomach. And if that realization doesn't make you freak out/feel like a character in Alien, I don't know what will.

  Hearing the heartbeat yesterday seemed to hit McKay a bit hard. Like piano-falling-from-seventy-fourth-floor-onto-your-head hard. I was a bit worried he was on the brink of passing out, honestly. Because I think he finally gets it. The whole Julia isn't just fat, but has a TEENSY TINY PERSON IN HER TUMMY thing. Which is pretty cool/terrifying.

  Oh, yeah, and next visit (August 17th!), we may finally know the girl/boy dealio! AHHH! TEENSY TINY PERSON HAS A GENDER!!!

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