Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Thoguhts Because Nothing Exciting Has Happened Lately

 I woke McKay up after midnight two nights in a row to kill gigantic spiders. And he did it. Because my husband is fearless/incredibly patient. Reason #2,394 that I married a man much, much better than myself.

   McKay and I have had the same conversation about a thousand times. "I DON'T UNDERSTAND why everyone loves the Harry Potter movies! It makes me cringe that some people substitute watching the movies for actually reading the books." "I try to like them because I want to relate to other people, but I just don't see what everyone else does. I snorted about a dozen times during the seventh one because it was so cheesy!" Then we conclude that either everyone in the world is crazy, or we are. So, my husband and I are probably insane.

  My house is a little oven, mercilessly heating up throughout the day, and no air conditioning. Yesterday I sat with an ice pack on my feet for ten hours, just to be at a tolerable body temperature. I also watched about ten hours worth of "Murder, She Wrote", who is totally the original Castle. Or maybe not the original, but the earlier 80's version, anyway.

  I made peanut butter s'mores cookies the other day, and I'm not exaggerating when I say they are the most delicious thing ever baked in the history of the universe. I got the recipe here.

  When my neighbor told me her AC unit was stolen out of her garage, I very nearly said, "Oh my gosh, we were robbed, too!". Then I remembered that that was another of my vivid pregnancy dreams, and did not actually happen.

  After spending fourteen hours attempting to make a baby mobile, I'm starting to think homemade may be a little overrated. At least in this case.

   Dolls are creepy. This commercial for a real, no-fooling doll that people may have actually bought their daughters to haunt their nightmares, is proof.

  The end.


  1. See, I knew dolls were creepy! Also, not all the Harry Potter movies were great but I did love #3, #5 and the last one (#7.2?) so I guess I'm only half crazy!

  2. I would agree on HP #3, except for when Lupin turns into a "wolf". That thing was one messed-up greyhound, have any of the production team even SEEN a wolf before?