Tuesday, August 16, 2011

McKay's Birthday!

  It LOOKS like McKay is cuddling Sylvester, but he's actually just holding him steady so I could take a picture in which there isn't an orange blur.

  My gifts to McKay were breakfast in bed (why do I always forget to take pictures??), a bag of Snickers (his favorite), Majora's Mask (any N64 lovers still out there? Just us?), and a juicer. We sampled some of my brother and sister-in-law's homemade juice once, and we've been pretty much sighing over a juicer ever since.

  CLEARPLAY! Now we can finally watch movies together! You may think I'm joking there, but trust me. This thing is heaven-sent for us (Thank you, Mom and Dad!). You see, McKay spent his childhood (and teenage years as well, I believe) not watching anything rated above G. I spent my childhood watching  The Simpsons. So, obviously we're going to have different ideas over what is acceptable in the movie-watching department. God bless you, Clearplay.

  The reason McKay is giving me this look is because he just blew this candle out. Though, honestly, he had no reason to be upset, as he bought those trick candles for MY birthday, but never got the chance to use them because we didn't have cake. I still think this look of mistrust is adorable, though. (And the reason there are boxes everywhere in the background of all these photos is because we were still in the middle of unpacking)

  I love you, my McKay!

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