Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Results Are In. . .

  You were ALL right (who took the poll)!

  Little baby Lincoln Rhett Valentine Allred is a GO!
Okay, not really, since McKay hates all those names (party pooper), but still!



  1. okay, I totally love Lincoln. I know McKay is probably a little worried about how you would play up the Zelda nickname, but how many babies are born with their own theme songs? Also, if you do, I will name my next baby Darth Vader. Just giving him a little incentive there. You're welcome.

  2. Please name your baby Lincoln if for no other reason than to force Nicole into naming her next Darth. Even if she says she doesn't want any more kids. There could be a surprise and boy would it be a grand one. Also, I like the name, Lincoln. Also just a couple of weeks ago I was walking downtown and passed some street musicians. A violin, guitar and accordian. They were playing a familiar tune that. at first, was hard to place. Suddenly, just as I got close to them, I yelled "ZELDA!" and the accordian player yelled "YES!" and then I kept walking, but it was a great moment.

  3. Yayy!! Congratulations! I also guessed right in the poll. Does that mean I win a piece of your baby? Or just some perk like first photo? haha!

  4. Yay for you guys! Boys are so fun! Love your baby bump!