Monday, August 1, 2011

Keep Your Two Cents If it Involves Me Being Fat, Please

  One of my neighbors of the Old Place (meaning the apartment I'm currently moving from) likes to have the same conversation with me every time she sees me. Which is quite often, as I run in and out a lot loading up boxes to the car.

  "Do you know what it is yet?" Candy asks, referring to my belly.

  "Nope, we'll hopefully know August 17th, that's our next doctor's visit."

  "Turn around." Candy demands, twirling her finger to indicate she wants to see me from all angles.

  "Boy." She always concludes. "Must be a boy, since you're so huge already. I was the same way with my boy."

  Much as I love being called "huge" when I'm not even at the halfway point yet (though admittedly, I feel like overnight I got twice as big), I have to wonder if there's any validity in this--come one, aren't we for equality these days? Can't baby girls be just as humongous as baby boys? Let's not be sexist here.

  Anyway, I needs to start a poll, don't I? What do you guys think: boy or girl?


  1. I think I don't care. Boy or girl, you are going to be great parents no matter what it is. If it is a boy I get to buy cute little man outfits. If it's a little girl I get to buy cute frilly outfits. Win-win in my eyes!

  2. Obviously, you and this neighbor are sooo similar that you are going to carry your babies the same way! (I trust that the sarcasm is coming through.) I don't know if you are having a boy or a girl, but I do hope you blog when you know! Boys and girls are equally fun, and as far as size, my boys were my biggest and my smallest babies, and the girls were in the middle. (But only 5 oz. separated biggest boy baby from biggest girl baby, and only 9 oz. separated smallest boy from smallest girl.) For what it's worth.

  3. I agree with Nicole but have to say that I thought girl from the beginning. i have no reference for this or mystical reasoning. It is just what I thought. I had a lady say almost the same thing to me in church about being huge. It was great. I wrote a post about it as well. Funny how filters fly away when talking of fetuses.