Friday, August 12, 2011

A Taste of My Colorado Vacation to Whet Your Appetite

  A couple days ago, we returned from the mystical land of Colorado. Though it was a pleasant vacation overall, I seemed to have more than my usual number of cripplingly embarrassing moments. For example, the first night there, McKay's grandmother saw me naked. Yes.

  In the midst of my screams and thrashing in the tub in a futile attempt to cover myself, I heard her say complacently, "Oh, I guess you didn't hear me knock." She then calmly closed the door, walked away, and (praise heaven) never mentioned it again. The voice of paranoia in my head knows, though, that every time she refers to me in the future my epithet will be, "You know, the one I saw naked?" One more thing I can check off on my list of life goals.

  I'll post pictures and more stories as the days go by (and, Crystal, if you're reading this, if you wanted to send me any of your awesome photos that put mine to shame, I would be a happy girl), but I'm in the midst of preparing for MCKAY'S BIRTHDAY BONANZA (otherwise known as "making lemon bars and making the house less disgusting"), so you will have to content yourselves with this gem for today, my dearies.

  You're welcome.

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  1. LOL oh my gosh that is hilarious and traumatizing!

    I think I would die if grandma saw me naked