Friday, August 19, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

  I've had a couple of people ask me if I was disappointed when I found out the baby was a boy, since I was hoping for a girl. And, I say this with perfect honestly, I wasn't one bit. I was actually surprised at how amazingly happy I was. When I saw mine and McKay's baby on the screen, heart beating, fists clenching, yawning--a real BABY, not a lima bean!--my heart seemed to immediately spread out to make room to include this little person. And though I wanted a girl because I love picking out girl names, the outfits are cuter, etc, when the technician said, "You've got yourselves a boy there!", it felt like it fit perfectly. Of course it was a boy. It's my boy. And he's freaking awesome, it's incredibly obvious. Even if we can already tell his nose is going to be a monster. But we knew he was screwed on that point from the beginning. Anyway, boys can pull off weird noses. As can supermodels.

  Anyhoo, to sum up, my baby is a boy. And that is totally rad with me.

  Conversation about baby names while we were waiting for them to download the ultrasound for us to have for keepsies:

  ME: Baby Lincoln, you are going to cause a lot of arguments already!

  He yelled that while laughing, though, so I think I'm in the clear to keep referring to him as "Baby Lincoln" in conversation. And in my thoughts. *sigh*


  1. When I have a baby I'll name my baby Abraham and then when they are out playing and it's time for dinner we can call them in as Abraham Lincoln. How can your husband NOT want that?!

  2. I am already calling the baby Lincoln too. Too bad for McKay.