Thursday, September 29, 2011

New House: Living Room Edition

  So, I never posted pictures of our new place, because it's still by and large a work in process (and also the only person who probably cares is my mom). But the living room is actually clean today AND has some seasonal decorations that I'm rather proud of, so I thought I'd take advantage of that and give you an exclusive peak into the first room of mi casa. So, we'll take this home tour nice and slow and as each room is completed-ish, I'll give you pictures and description of said room. Sound good? Good.

  Without further ado, here is my oh-so-exciting and spacious living room! 9' by 15' in all its glory.

  So, I went to all this trouble to figure out how to add little captions in this photo, and you pretty much have to be an ant to read them. But you can click on the photo to make it bigger (I know, it's all complicated-like), or you can read my run-down here:
TV: $20 at a garage sale. I think we overpaid, that thing is on the brink of death.
Couch and armchair: free from a couple in the ward who bought a new one.
Rug: Braided by me, suckas! It took me a while to figure out.
Pillows: Hand-stitched by me with love, if not expertise or skill.
Close-up on my awesome hand-stitched pillows. Material cost about a total of $10 on sale at Jo-Anns.

 I also made that  fall wreath, tutorial found here.
Curtains: On super-sale at JC Penny for something like $12
If you peak through the window, you can see our neighbor's backyard. Yup, it goes up to our living room wall. Which has been awkward the few times we thought we'd actually let light in the living room and we get a nice visual of our neighbor(s) tanning topless. Which they do pretty much any day the sun is out. Thank goodness we live in Oregon, so those days are numbered.

Close-up on my awesome fall wreath

 IKEA bookcase: $70. Pretty much the only not-used piece of furniture we own.
Jack-O-Lantern lights: $3 at Goodwill. Because I'm freaking festive like that.
Boxes: About $15 each at IKEA. The basket ones made the house smell like a petting zoo for a couple of months.

  Our small collection of pretty hardcover books (three of which were gifts from me to McKay).
Owl: Set me back somewhere between a fifty cents and a dollar at an estate sale.
Vinylmation Mickey: one of five hidden around our house. I buy one every time I go to Disneyland now.
  I'm getting tired of typing out all the things I captioned already, so if you want to find out about my crap on the walls, you have to click on the pic. But that little side table is actually a sewing table in disguise that I believe was another donation from a moving family in the ward. As much as I'd like to paint it a weird color, I love the old, worn look it has already too much.
 Tutorial on how to make your own fall felt flower bouquet can be found here. Theirs looks much nicer, as is the case with the wreath, but I'm still DANG proud of my decorations.
 Pulling it all together. . .

  Well, there you are! About a thousand photos for a space you can cross in probably five large steps (LENGTH wise. It's two smallish steps if you're going width). And, yeah, it's not going to be on Better Homes and Gardens anytime soon, but on our budget, I feel like Martha Freaking Stewart right now. But more interesting. ZING!

  Anyway, I was going to do a tally to see how much this whole living room cost (at least the major parts), but that's more math than I can handle at the moment, even with all the free stuff. But you can feel free to figure it out if you should so desire!


  1. Love the decor Julia; I can't wait to be done with this semester so I'll finally have time to be all crafty and give my sad little house some life! :)

    Oh and I added all the stuff you listed a price for. It came out to $175 + the 50 cents to a dollar for the cute owl. Good gravy I'm bored. :P

  2. Cute! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your house. :-)

  3. Well, finally! I love that little sewing table & all your handmade decorations. Your mom thinks you're cool!

  4. I LOVE your wreath. I made a fall wreath, but it is not nearly as cute as yours. I may copy it for an everyday wreath for the office, I just loved it so much!