Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nursery Challenge

  In case you haven't heard, babies cost money. I always heard this growing up (my family is not a sugar-coat-babies-and-make-them-sound-like-awesome-accessories kind of family, and they especially enjoyed assuring me that babies are expensive vomit-y terrors when I was first pregnant, which was great), and, while I never questioned this statement, I figured it was mostly referring to the cost of hospital bills and diapers. Which ARE insanely expensive. But for some reason I never thought of the many, many baby THINGS that are money-sucking demons. Like strollers. And car seats. And pumps. And boppys. And diaper genies. And cribs. And, oh my frick, crib BEDDING? Why the crap does a blanket and sheet one-eighth the size of an adult bed cost as much as or more than the adult one?? It makes even less sense as a bikini top (JUST the top) costing more than a complete one-piece suit. In short, the world does not make sense. And the people who make and sell baby goods are jerkfaces.

  My budget does not allow me to spend $500 on a crib bedding set, or to dish out a grand for a stroller that can out-transform Optimus Prime, not to mention being germ-proof, rip-proof, laser-proof, bear attack-proof, and ghost-proof. So, my baby may grow up watching Disney movies on VHS and sleep in a crib that cannot convert into a child's bed (let alone a Queen frame with a headboard), but I still feel like I can get all the necessities without going into debt. In fact, I've decided I'm going to make my Nursery of Awesomeness on a whopping budget of  $300. Take THAT, baby industry! Hi-YA! (imagine I just did a karate chop. But not a lame one. Or maybe a karate kick instead, those seem less lame in general). I'm also going to try to get other baby-related items that aren't in the nursery (high chair, stroller, etc), but ultimately I'm just focusing on the nursery items for this budget.

  Craigslist is now my best friend.

  Here's what little I have so far, and my current tab:
-Crib: $0 (donated from a done-with-babies couple in the ward)
-Baby clothes: $30 (one new onesie, and twenty barely-used baby items I got for a buck each. Will not be buying any more clothes, especially with a baby shower coming up and all the used ones I've been getting from various people)
-Boppy: $5 (came with awesome cover that I can wash, and it's in good shape. Compliments of Craigslist)
-Mobile: $10 (homemade, but I had to buy stuffing, yarn, and an incredibly cheap glue gun. Results can be seen here, if you haven't seen the awesomeness yet)

TOTAL: $45

-baby swing: $5 (no tray, and music box doesn't work so well anymore, but it's hard to beat $5. Thank you, Craigslist)
-baby bouncer: $5 (in excellent shape, another Craigslist find)
-Snugli baby carrier: $5 (hardly ever used, looks awesome, and manly enough that McKay can still feel macho with his papoose. Again, CRAIGSLIST!)

TOTAL: $15

Items I'm still looking for for the nursery:
-changing pad for top of dresser (don't really have room for a separate changing table, and it saves money)
-baby bedding
-wall decorations
-diaper genie
-comfortable chair

  And probably a million other things I'm forgetting. What all-important items am I forgetting, guys? And any of you have any superfluous baby items you care to donate to the cause? Anyone at all? You random readers from the Netherlands or Malaysia? And you guys can feel free to follow me, by the way, I'm quite flattered some of you seem to stalk me on the sly, really. Though how you found it in the first place is beyond me (you American stalkers can also feel welcome, every time I get a new follower my ego inflates outrageously). Anyway, I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing with The Challenge, and you guys can send me any crap you don't want anymore, k? Done and done.

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  1. I have a great pump that you can have. A new set of the cups you put on are pretty cheap. Maybe you should drop a few hints as to what particular bedding set you want for various family members to get you. Or i can just get the ugly Teddy bears riding fire trucks! Your choice...