Sunday, September 4, 2011

Turquoise Means "Ambiguous Color" in Sioux

  Holy crap, my last three posts are long! Brevity has never been my strong point, unfortunately. Sorry about that.

  I just wanted to post the following argument McKay and I had the other day for posterity (and, no, he wasn't sleep talking for once). A little background, McKay was working on the unfinished Princess and the Frog painting he gave me for Christmas last year, and I was admiring his work.

ME: Ooh, I love the blue tint in the background there!

MCKAY: Uh, thanks? Except that's green.

ME: Really? Is it the lighting in here? Because that looks REALLY blue to me.

MCKAY: No, it's green. You're just crazy.

ME: I don't even see green on your palette, though. I'm pretty dang sure that's blue.

MCKAY: [showing me the paint tube] It's from THIS. Totally green.

ME: Okay, no, YOU are the crazy one. This is totally blue! Are you BLIND, man??

MCKAY: It's turquoise. Otherwise known as "green".

ME: Are you frickin' serious?? Turquoise is a BLUE! Everyone knows that!

MCKAY: Okay, THIS is blue. THIS is green. And look at this--it's totally a green.

ME: It's a LIGHT BLUE, are you insane?! Because I'm seriously considering that you may be insane now.

MCKAY: Julia, I'm embarrassed for you. Look it up.

DICTIONARY: [definition involving mineral description, and THEN] "Also called turquoise blue . a greenish blue or bluish green."

ME: See?! "Turquoise BLUE"! Though, yeah, it's got some green in it. But MOSTLY blue.

MCKAY: Okay, you and the dictionary are both obviously deranged, this is totally a green.

[argument continues for half hour]

   What's the weirdest thing you and your significant other have argued about? And that they've been totally WRONG about, as turquoise is obviously in the BLUE family.

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