Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where my time went the last few days

    Multiple trips to the DMV. My car now has Oregon plates, which makes me want to cry (though my old California plates = free decoration for Nursery of Awesomeness!), and McKay and I have discovered we lost the title for his car, and a new one can only be acquired in Utah. So that's bundles of fun.

  Fall crafts. Some of them may actually just be cheaper to buy, what with the cost of craft materials these days, but there's something satisfying in displaying a bouquet of fall felt flowers that you burnt your fingers multiple times gluing together. And when people admire it, you get to feel smug, while displaying false modesty. It's great.

  Pinterest. I'm pretty much addicted. You can check out my stuff here, but it's really mostly a to-do list for me of awesome recipes and crafts I want to try. It's a great organizational tool for me, and my bookmarks tab is no longer a mile long, love it.

  Deleting viruses off of McKay's dinosaur (AKA, desktop computer). I miss my dinosaur (AKA four year old laptop that finally kicked the bucket). I think I have a problem of getting attached to inanimate objects.

  Holding back curses while trying to get our VCR to work. Its favorite past time now is chewing up our VHS movies and refusing to spit them back out. So much for my argument that the $7 we spent on it at Goodwill was such an amazing investment.

  Hanging up/arranging pictures. I'm waiting for McKay to get home to help me with the rest, since I tend to make five holes for every picture I hang up (c'mon, it's hard to hang things up with no perpective). But the house is finally starting to look pulled-together(ish), and it's fun to finally see some personality on the walls. I'll post some pictures room by room as I go, and you can finally see the goodness that is our teensy bungalow. Woot!

  Things I should be doing, but am still putting off:
  • Figure out what to do with all the crap we've stuffed in the loft area that is going to become Nursery of Awesomeness. 
  • Write my book.
  • Sand the bookcase that holds all the VHS movies we can no longer watch so I can paint it and make it pretty. Or at least more colorful.
   Anyway, this post is basically an explanation on why I have nothing interesting to say. Gotta love blogging.

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  1. I get really smug about my crafts as well. I also like to show people my crafting wounds.