Friday, September 16, 2011

Why Every Shadow is a Monster Today

  Last night I had the happy realization there was a three-to-four inch wolf spider chilling next  to my chair, probably watching Ghost Hunters with me. I was less than thrilled. And by "less than thrilled" I mean "tried to get my hyperventilation under control because we had guests over playing LOTR Risk".

  Today I was greeted by rustling in the bushes as I walked to the car to go do laundry, and I suddenly remembered that snake skin I found in there a week or so back. My paranoia was rewarded when I got to see the snake crawl back under our porch when returning from said laundry trip. It's skinny, black, and has one red stripe going down its back. Which google seems to think means it's a Northwestern Garter snake, but I know better. Red = POISONOUS, duh. At least on amphibians. And I can't be wrong on this, because it's one of the few things I think I remember learning in Biology. You would think that the snake could at least be doing me a solid and eating all the gigantic spiders I seem to find everywhere, but nooooo.

  I know I used to say this about Utah all the time, but I think Oregon is trying to kill me. And Oregon don't pull no punches.


  1. Words of wisdom from someone who grew up in Oregon: what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger! :-) I'm not so keen on wolf spiders, but seriously, the snakes in the Willamette Valley are nothing to fear.

  2. My favorite part about this is you watching Ghost Hunters.