Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MOST DRAMATIC THANKSGIVING EVER. Or not, but it was still pretty dang great.

  Normally, I would be on the brink of despair upon my return from the oh-so-sunny California, but finals time is upon me; I'm too busy to feel emotion right now, give me a week and a half it should hit me pretty hard.

  Oh, we managed to miss our flight to California, by the way. We're getting pretty good at that. There was a car accident about a half mile away from the airport, so the last three-four miles took an HOUR AND A HALF. If that isn't torture, I don't know what is. But we managed to get an uber-nice ticket agent again, and we arrived in California only about an hour later than originally planned since our new flight didn't have a layover. Woot!

  I would talk about Thanksgiving, but there's really not all that much to say. We watched the Macy's parade, the food was incredibly delicious, Dad put up with lots of board games (board/card games are the only thing Dad isn't perfect at. Maybe that's why we enjoy them so much and he looks like a martyr the whole time. Thank you for being a good sport, Dad!), and we talked and chilled interminably. It was an excellent day.

  So, to make up for the fact that my family did not have a Thanksgiving intervention/no one got wasted and had a dramatic outburst, here's an adorable bit of geekery I just ran across on the internets!

crazy parenting fails - I Didn't Think Young Link was QUITE That Young...
see more Parenting Fails

  Anyone want to knit this for Lincoln for his homecoming outfit from the hospital? Pretty please?

  I'll hit you guys up with my baby shower and TWO trips to the movies (we don't go to the movies much anymore, so this was incredibly exciting for me), and more once I've broken through the other side of finals. Stay tuned!

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