Thursday, December 1, 2011

Okay, Okay, Family, I Know You Don't Hate Me

  My family is pretty rad. They knew that my not going to Harry Potter World with them was pretty rough for me, so almost every day they were in Florida they sent me texts about how much they missed me and all the cool things that happened (which actually felt like taunts at the time, but I know they meant well). They also picked up a few souvenirs for me.

  That purple poofiness is a Pygmy Puff which Nicole was sweet enough to get for me. Mom got me a "Ticket to Hogwarts" key chain and chocolate wands for McKay and me. Yay for Harry Potter-ness! And for having the coolest family ever!

  What makes your family the best?


  1. Here are three reasons my family is the best:

    My kids call or text each week, just to check in.

    Friday night date night with hubby!

    Everyone agreeing on having chickens and raising guide dog puppies.

    What more do we need???

  2. PYGMY PUFF!!!! I LOVE IT! And I love your family. Even I got a souvenir, how cool is that?

  3. Did you hear that Harry Potter is supposed to be coming to California?! Not before 2015, alas, but still . . .