Friday, December 2, 2011

Sorry, Movie-Viewing Public

 I love movies. Unfortunately, I'm a pretty difficult person to see movies with because I will make comments the entire time. I truly try not to. Sometimes I even try to nonchalantly pinch my lips together with my fingers, like I'm so deep in thought I'm doing this involuntarily. But then something hil-ARious (not really, but in my mind it is) pops up and I have to share it with someone. Sorry. I know I'm a prick. So Redbox is generally my way of not inflicting myself on the public. And McKay likes my commentary, and comments with me as well (unless he's, like, really really into it, then he starts involuntarily saying, "Shhh!" even when I'm not talking. It's weird), so most of the time we withdraw from society for our movie consumption. Also we're dirt poor, and have you SEEN the price of movie tickets these days?? Anyway, that's why it was monumental to me that we saw not one, but TWO movies while visiting California. Or I saw two, anyway. McKay skipped out on #2 for reasons that should be obvious.

  Movie #1 I saw in California: The Muppet Movie. I was pretty insistent on this, I've been looking forward to it since the first preview I saw for it eons ago. Maybe in September. Anyway, pretty much every day since I saw the preview I've told McKay, "I really want to see The Muppet Movie. Like, really want to see it." And he'd say, "I KNOW, Julia, I KNOW." Anyway, when Mom asked if we wanted to see a movie, I think I said something like "Weareseeingthemuppetmovieanditwillbeawesome." So we did. And it was. Except when the non-muppet people (otherwise known as "people", I guess) sang directly into the camera, that made me feel slightly uncomfortable. But Lincoln liked it, too, he danced in time with the many musical numbers. Also, can I just say that I love movie popcorn? And sour patch kids? I'm salivating just thinking of it.

  Movie #2 (you can judge me if you want) was Breaking Dawn Part 1. Cara and I had planned on this for a couple weeks because, as I told her, "I need someone I can make fun of this movie with, but who will secretly like it with me." Mission accomplished. This really isn't a movie for eight month pregnant people, however. Oh, and can I just say that Robert Pattinson looks much less disgusting in this movie? Good on him! And for all you Twilight-bashers: I know it's not a masterpiece. No one ever said it was. It's an enjoyably cheesy storyline, like 90% of chick flicks, so ease up, y'all. And apparently I've been stalking The Bloggess too much of late, because that "y'all" came out of nowhere.

  Seen any good movies lately? Or terrible ones?

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