Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just a Sprinkling of Photos

He's even more handsome in person, photos really don't do him justice.
   So, in all honesty, we haven't taken that many pictures of Lincoln since the hospital. We've been, you know, kind of tired what with all the new developments and late night feedings and such. Plus the lighting in our house is absolutely terrible, haha. Tomorrow McKay and I are planning on having a fashion show of all the outfits Lincoln can hardly fit into (he was ten pounds at birth, so a lot of them were too small right from the get-go), so I'll have more pictures to post then.
Meeting Lincoln
We figured his coming home outfit should reflect his birth state. Thank you, Cara, for Lincoln's very first flannel plaid shirt!

I'm not sure Sylvester has even noticed Lincoln for the most part, but he seems perfectly willing to share the lap space.


  1. YAY for pictures! He is sooooo cute! I can't wait to meet him, and I'm glad he has Sylvester to keep laps warm for him!

  2. I made my roommate read this. She wants you to know it's a superb form of birth control.

    1. HAHAHA oh man, I meant to post that on your birth post!!! I feel so bad!!! Your baby is the cutest ever!!!!