Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Worth it.

 I have an extremely fussy baby in my arm and am typing this with one hand. This means that, for once, I shall be brief. Lincoln is awesome. Jiggling Lincoln for hours to keep him from sporting his "my world is ending! O, woe is me!" face and crying his sad sad baby cry is not as awesome.

  I am tired. So very tired. But loving Lincoln is the best part of me. It really is worth it, all you preggo friends I keep apparently freaking out with my posts. I promise it is. I was never romantic about babies; to me, they were eating, pooping, crying, spit-up machines. But when it's YOUR baby, it is the world's cutest, bestest, smartest, most wonderfulest teensy human being that also happens to be an eating, pooping, crying, spit-up machine. Totally different for some reason, I swear.

PICTURE TIME! (I promise I'll try to be funny with my next post)

If nothing else, the boppy makes for an excellent cat bed. Sylvester gives it four stars.
Mom asked if Lincoln had a binky, which I affirmed we did, though we had never given it to him before. "Oh, he's going to love this!" Mom enthused. Aaaaand. . . this is the face we got.

The happy trio (come baaaaack, Mom!)

"Whatchoo want, woman?!"

  The end.

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