Friday, February 3, 2012

My Day in Naptimes

(Lincoln's) Nap #1 (usually around 9 AM): Try to get a bit of extra sleep. If that is successful, I am happy. If not, I get up and put on my make-up and real people clothes in case the mailman needs me to sign for something or I have some other chance human encounter. Well, real people maternity clothes. I'm not even going to attempt putting on my old jeans until the six-week mark, and I have a feeling that attempt will end in tears, no matter how much thinner I think I am. The inevitable tears will be followed by a quick trip to the grocery store to buy chocolate. Man, I feel like a "Cathy" cartoon now. Aack!

Nap #2 (around noon): Stuff whatever food is handy into my mouth. Usually the first bit of food I've had the whole day because eating while nursing is generally a no-go for me. Lincoln is trying to help me lose the baby weight by making me starve. Not cool, Lincoln. Or healthy. Then I try to be productive; dishes, clean up, shove random objects into random boxes just so they're out of the way, etc.

Nap #3 (3 PM-ish): Try to write. Some days this is highly successful; Monday I wrote five whole pages of my book. Tuesday I wrote one. The last few days nada. Inspiration is a fickle friend. The kind that you beg to come over and play, but they ditch out on you and you end up bad-mouthing them behind their back for being a jerkface.

Nap #4 (6 PM-ish): If McKay isn't home by now, I let myself do whatever I want now. Watch all my crappy shows, play video games, whatever strikes my fancy. If McKay IS home . . . well, I still do whatever I want because McKay is incredibly sweet and insisted on cooking dinner this week. Yeah, WEEK. He pretty much rocks hardcore.

Nap #5 (9 PM-ish): I go to bed. I remember back in my early college days when going to bed was for the weak. If I was in bed before 1 AM I felt humiliated. Now going to bed gives me the same "ahhhh" feeling I get when I walk into Disneyland or eat girl scout cookies. Speaking of, anyone want to send me some? The girl scouts like to hide from me and giggle maliciously under their invisibility cloaks, I can never find them. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MONEY, GIVE ME THE DANG COOKIES.

  Well, Lincoln just woke up from nap #3. So my time here is done. You're welcome.

  How do you prioritize your spare time?

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  1. Wow. I wish Olivia had napped even semi consistently. She didn't start that until last month, and even now its not for sure. Some days she would take like a three hour nap and others it would be lots of small naps. . .

    Also, it was amazing to me that when Olivia started going to bed at 7pm and sleeping through the night, suddenly my spare time was meaningful!! I used to just lounge and watch tv and now I sew, and clean, and bake. Because its the only time I have anymore!!