Monday, February 13, 2012

Voicemail Magic

  For some reason, when I realize McKay's phone is dead, I have the strong desire to leave him a voicemail for every update of my day. I rarely find the willpower to resist. Here is a word-for-word-ish recount of my adventures today:

Voicemail #1: Hey, McKay, it's me. Just wanted to know about what time you'd be home tonight. Also, I fell down the stairs. Well, not all of them, just a couple of them, but I think my foot is starting to swell. Just a little bit, though. It's cool.

Voicemail #2: Hey, it's me. Checking again on the when-you'll-be-home situation. But I think your phone is dead. I also wanted to let you know that if you are unable to get me the Girl's Scout cookies I requested for Valentine's Day, I would also accept, like, a gajillion of those Oreo brownie bars that are a quarter apiece at Grocery Outlet now because they've been there forever and are incredibly stale. Just sayin'. Bye!

Voicemail #3: I just wanted to let you know that I accidentally threw a baby blanket on Sylvester's head, like, three hours ago. He just now bothered to shake it off. Thought you'd like to know.

   And those three messages truly were the highlights of my day. I could be depressed by this, but I'm too busy trying to think of another reason to call McKay. Any ideas?

  What do you do to show your significant other you care/are kind of a weirdo?

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  1. That's great Julia, if I were him I would love those! I like to send photos of things that are hilarious to me for one reason or another but that no one else would understand. Yes, that picture of a stick would be meaningless to other people, but I see a magic wand waiting to happen!