Thursday, February 16, 2012


  My Valentine's? McKay arranged a bowl of those stale Oreo brownies I talked about in my last post (he DOES listen, aww!), along with some handmade paper fortune cookies with cute fortunes inside. Adorable, right?

  For my part, I gave McKay a couple Snickers bars and emailed him this homemade Valentine:
  Paint is not my specialty, but McKay knows that when I use it, there is extra love built into the colorful shapes.

  I was craving Chinese, so McKay picked up a frozen Chinese thingy. I was rather skeptical about this and reserved the right to get some Hot-and-Ready pizzas if it was a disaster, but it turned out to be surprisingly delicious! Much better than many of the local Chinese restaurants, sadly. We ate it by candlelight, which I thought would be a disaster waiting to happen since our table is right under the smoke alarm, but luckily the smoke alarm was not bothered by an open flame right under it . . . or maybe that's a bad thing, I dunno? After dinner we watched Drive on clearplay, which I, of course, talked my way through. McKay is the best, he didn't once ask me to shut up. Excellent movie, by the by. I think my favorite part, though, was glancing next to me and watching McKay snuggling Lincoln. It made my heart feel like warm, gooey brownies.

  Simple night, but oh-so satisfying.

  What did you guys do to celebrate the holiday everyone either loves or loves to hate?


  1. So sweet! Sometimes simple is best!

    As for my valentine's day, in case you haven't already read it, you can read it here:

  2. I painted my living room. Wow, will the fun never stop.