Friday, March 9, 2012

Return to Portland

  If you happen to stop by here regularly, you will know McKay's and my first trip to Portland did not go well. But with both our folks coming for Lincoln's blessing, and no way to entertain them in Albany (motto: We now have Wal-Mart! Yay, us!), we decided to give Portland another go.

  First we headed to the open market. McKay and I had been before, and we enjoyed it then, too, but it was even more fun with our parents and Lincoln. So many awesome crafts (and some downright strange ones), if we ever actually have money, I want to decorate my house with all original  eclectic artwork like that. Of course, I didn't even think of taking pictures of any of it, but here's some photos of us!

Eating the exotic choices Portland has to offer. . . Unless you're me, and you go for the burger and chili cheese fries. Can you tell which mother is mine? 

One man walked past Dad and said, "OH, I thought you were cradling an actual sock monkey!". And, honestly, in Portland, you never know.

McKay's dad, Brent, is photo-bombing us.
  Next we went to Washington Park, which contains lots of awesomeness--gardens, a zoo, a children's museum, and more! We headed to the Japanese Garden, which was gorgeous, even though nothing was in bloom yet (in contrast, the Rose Garden was a bit of a let-down this time of year).

  The gardens closed at four, giving us two hours to kill before meeting up with McKay's sister, Angeline, who happened to have another fashion thing in town. So we decided to go looking for a baby blessing outfit for Lincoln. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find formal wear for little boys? Freaking ridiculously hard, apparently. We checked Macy's, Nordstroms, and more, but we didn't find squat. It did kill two hours, though!

  For dinner we headed to the cultural extravaganza that is Red Robin (not to knock it--those fries are delicious), which had a wait time of a mere half hour, compared to the hour and a half of every other restaurant in town. I was looking forward to getting a burger, but then I remembered the very greasy burger I'd already had for lunch. So I decided, with chagrin, to go healthy. I got a chicken burger. Chicken's healthy, right?

  Anyway, it was a wonderful day, Portland has redeemed itself (I didn't see a single butt, so that's always good), and this little boy got lots and lots of holding and cuddling and kisses and attention! As it should be.


  1. I love Portland! I'm not sure about the creepy man standing in the street with the blanket/cape & filthy hair, though.

  2. I found that Burlington Coat Factory has a surprising selection of baby church clothes. They even had premie sizes!