Thursday, March 8, 2012

"L" is for the way you look at me . . .

  I love when Lincoln pulls away while nursing, smacks his lips and gets this far-away look of concentration like, "Well, today's bouquet is quite daring, but I preferred the oakiness that underlined the breast milk of a fortnight ago."

 Even though I should put him in his bassinet and get some housework done, I love holding Lincoln and just staring at his little face as he's snuggled up against me.

  I love how smiley Lincoln is first thing in the morning. It makes up for the fact that I'm awake three hours earlier than I would have been three months ago. My bedtime now is about 8:30 PM.

  I love the big baby yawns. There is something indescribably adorable about a teensy baby yawning. Like, "Oh, look! He's like a real person! Aww!" Also, he does thing funny shaking fist thing when he yawns, too, like, "Hey, you crazy kids, stay off my lawn!" kind of shaking fist. Freaking cute, right?

  I love the "You must be a really stupid person" look Lincoln gives me when he's frustrated. His daddy gives me that exact same look all the time, even though I know all it really means is he's thinking hard or confused. On either face it makes me laugh. Maybe I should be more offended.
Not a great photo, I know, but it's a fuzzy example of the "You are stupid" face.

  I love that just when it seems Lincoln is mastering the whole holding-his-head-up thing while I'm holding him, he suddenly loses control and head butts me in the nose (I knew he resented that he got my nose!). Well, okay, I don't LOVE it (his head is quite thunky even if it is much smaller than mine), but it's pretty funny. In an "ouch" way.

  I love that now that I have both a cat and a baby, my odds of winning America's Funniest Home Video have increased by, like, a zillion.

  Stay tuned--Julia and McKay's Return to Portland is coming up soon! With bonus family members!

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