Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter Eggs

  This is a bit belated because of the important reason of my forgetting about it.

  So, anyway, I wanted my eggs to reflect my interests this year. But, apparently, the "magic" part of the "magic crayon" included means "does not work at all". See if you can tell what my eggs were.

Egg #1:

As I'm sure is blatantly obvious, it was supposed to look a bit like this:

Egg #2:

Which is supposed to resemble this guy:

Egg #3:

Obviously this:

To represent this kiddo:

  All in all, I'd say it was quite the roaring success. I later drew on the eggs in Sharpie, but McKay still couldn't tell what they were.

  I'm THAT good.


  1. hmmm, you should have let us guess and then post the pictures later, like a game/quiz. I would have guessed "lightening" "chanel symbol" & "abstract paintings." *I'm* that good.

  2. I was thinking maybe stretchmarks for the 1st one, in honor of Lincoln's birth, of course.