Thursday, April 26, 2012

His Enthusiasm Is Overwhelming

  If you remember a recent post, I'm lately in love with kid activity thingamagigs. One that I was especially excited to try out was the mini redneck waterbed. If you look at the author's pictures, it looks like her four month old is having a ball! It's a grand ol' time on the redneck waterbed! I thought, "Ooh, Lincoln will love it!"

  And . . .

  Not his favorite thing ever.


  Ah, well. Maybe it'll be a hit another day. If you want to try your own, it's just a trash bag filled with water and duct taped shut. The large-scaled one uses a tarp instead, which I'd love to try someday!


  1. I would be afraid he would rip a hole and I would get to clean up all that water. Very clever idea though. It funny to see how much he looks like McKay. So all I can picture is McKay trying, uncoordinatly (I know not a word)to try and get off a giant tarp sized redneck water bed. Sorry, my brain is disconnected today but I can't seem to stop typing for some reason...

  2. His face 7 seconds into the video cracks me up! I keep watching it over and over.

  3. It's fun to see how he reacts to new things. What a clever idea.