Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why McKay Isn't Allowed to Dress Lincoln

  McKay thought this was "cool". I think it looks like Lincoln is about to go drink out the crick and then spend the rest of the day catching fish. By hand. (McKay also added a jean jacket. Very Britney and Justin at a 90's award show)

P.S. Despite McKay's unfortunate dressing sense, he is a wonderful father/husband. The night before this picture was taken, McKay got up for all of Lincoln's late-night feedings so I could get a whole night's rest. But, yeah, every time he dresses Lincoln, I invariably sneak back to Lincoln's closet to find something less ludicrous.

  What are your partner's weaknesses/strengths?


  1. What great timing for your question! Today is my 25th anniversary, and I posted a whole list of strengths here: http://thankfulme.blogspot.com/2012/04/25-years-infinite-reasons-but-ill-give.html

    BTW, Lincoln would have fit right in at our ward's 1950's-themed ice cream social!

  2. Mine can't seem to load dishes in the dishwasher. I blame your mother and her odd love of loading dishes. He does, however, put up with my kind of crazy so I guess I can't complain.

  3. I would have to say that Adam shares McKay's bad sense of baby fashion. No matter what he's seen her wear he'll pull something totally bizarre out of the closet when it comes time to dress her. Once it was a pink onsie with a gray kitty which had matching gray leopard print pants, but Adam chose brown ones a size to small instead!

    But he's the best at playing with Olivia. I can feed her and dress her and bathe her, but I struggle with the play time.

    Good thing babies get two parents!