Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby's First Roller Derby

  I was unable to watch more than five seconds at a time at my high school homecoming game. When McKay took me to a BYU rugby game, I spent most of my time mesmerized by the flashing restaurant sign in the background. When Cara was watching the summer Olympics, I went through multiplication times tables in my head.

  But, as it turns out, I can actually watch Roller Derby without wanting to plummet off the bleachers to my death! Which would've been hard, anyway, since they only went up to four very short rows. Might've twisted an ankle, though.

  Happily, it seems Lincoln loved it, too! Bright, weird outfits, people going around and around in a circle, and loud music? He's SOLD!

Blurry picture to prove we were actually there. That light blue blur girl was GOOD. Go Albany team, whatever your name was!
"What is happening here?"
Lincoln absorbed by the game. He spent a lot of time smiling and laughing, too, I promise!
The ladies to McKay's right LOVED Lincoln. As did everyone.

  All was well, but by the end of half-time, Lincoln had had enough. It was past his bedtime, he was hungry, and all the yelling was suddenly less fun. I was ACTUALLY sad not to see how it ended. If you know me, you know the apocalypse is now imminent. Yay for Roller Derby!

  And now, more of Lincoln dancing.

  You can't hear the music for some reason. Also, sorry it's sideways. I need McKay to help me figure these things out, I'll edit it when he comes home. (my favorite was when McKay had him dance to "I'm Sexy and I Know It". So adorably inappropriate!)

P.S. Since finishing my book outline Monday, I have written nineteen pages. Not that that's a big deal to me or anything. Not like I'm high-fiving myself, or yelling, "WHOOP! There it is!"


  1. I'm with you on sports, growing up in a house with 4 brothers and a football loving mom had no affect on me, and I rarely "enjoy" a game.
    Lincoln is adorable! He definately looks like a little allred! Congrats on having a cute baby!

  2. He is such a cutie! Can't wait to meet him. Being around all the cousins will probably be about as entertaining as a roller derby (probably the same amount of injuries too!)

  3. I'm sure he had a fabulous time, laughing & smiling at the wonders around him. But you'd never know it from these pictures. Maybe the camera worries him.