Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Spider Wars

*Me, cleaning the bathroom while Lincoln naps, humming happily for being productive for once*
 After cleaning the counters and mirrors and scrubbing la toilet, the only thing left was mopping the floor that very, very badly needed it (I'm not a great housekeeper). So, I lifted up the rug and . . .

  So, I grabbed the nearest weapon at hand. Windex.
  One of my old college roommates had told me that Windex kills spiders. Or was it perfume? Either way, I Windexed the CRAP outta that friendly neighborhood spider.
  At first, it appeared to work. He curled up in a tiny ball and stayed still. . . DEATHLY still. And then. . .

At that point, I thought maybe it WAS perfume that was the spider-killer, so I grabbed some of that.

 My old roomie was  misinformed, apparently, though. This time the spidey seemed to take me more seriously, and he tried to make a run for it. So I had no choice but to run, screaming for the actual bug spray.
  So, I sprayed the shenanigans out of the spider until it curled up once again. Then I watched it for five minutes to make sure it didn't get back up again. Because I know the meaning of "dedication".

  With great relief, I finally commenced mopping. And then. . .

  And that, my friends, is how the spiders won the battle today. But I will win the war. Once McKay comes home and wields the Wadded Toilet Paper of Justice.


  1. 1) I wasn't wearing shoes 2) I fear getting anywhere near spiders. Cara told me about wolf spiders and now I'm terrified they'll jump on me (bad move, Cara). Though that would be the easiest way, yes.

  2. I love the red dress you've been sporting lately :) This is freakin' hilarious.

  3. Eric discovered the best way to kill spiders for me. A Swifer with a paper towel on it! Then i dont have to touch it except with a 39 and a half pole. 200 points if you get the reference