Thursday, July 19, 2012

If You're Lookin' for a Baby Fix, Step On Up!

  One thing I noticed at my family reunion was that many of the women like to be around babies, but do not necessarily want to  deal with the boogers, diapers, and waking up multiple times in the night that comes with HAVING a baby. So they get their "baby fix" by holding other people's babies. Which, hey, I am a-ok with, because my arms could always do with a break from my seventeen pound baby. In fact, I would look around the lodge at Aspen Grove, trying to stake out someone who might be feeling even remotely baby-hungry to hoist Lincoln upon (I love my son, I promise).

  Anyway, today's post is for those of you who are needing that baby fix. Also for the grandparents.

  Baby gibberish fix:
Baby giggle fix:
And possessed-baby-grunting fix (ignore me sorting laundry in the background, pretty please). Also, the ending cracks me up:

  You're welcome.


  1. The best thing about being home with my mom last week, not only did she snuggle Olivia but she changed poopy diapers too! And fed her! Probably because she pitied me and my sick self.

  2. ^My family (mostly my mom) was the same way! For 2 weeks the only time I got to hold my baby was when I was feeding him. I love my baby too, but there's no denyin', it was nice.
    Lincoln is super cute btw. :)

  3. The last video reminds me of Tarzan as a baby. =)