Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Weakness

  Sometimes I get left and right mixed up. This was a problem on my driving test, where the fear and adrenaline clouded up the few working brain cells I have.

 "Ok, make a right at this light." The DMV lady said. I turned. "Orrrrr a left, I guess." She said.
I kept my poker face on. Maybe if I said nothing, she would just think I was being a jerk rather than  stupid. I don't know if it worked, but I DID get my license at the end. Ka-CHING.

  Anyway, when people tell me to make the "L"s with your hands (because your left hand will make the correct "L" with thumb and pointer), I suddenly become frantic. WHICH ONE IS RIGHT?! MEANING LEFT?! THEY BOTH LOOK OKAY! At this point I start to worry that I'm dyslexic (I'm not. I don't think) and I suddenly the one on my right hand TOTALLY looks right. As in, it must be my left. I don't think I described that well.

  So, not only do I get right and left mixed up, I can never remember what a proper "L" looks like. Also, sometimes I forget my first name. I think I may be slightly nuts.

  Anyway, what's one of your weaknesses?


  1. Oh my gosh, did I write this in my sleep??? Seriously that "make an L with your hands thing". . . then I can't remember which way an L actually goes! Except, driving is the one time I do know right and left, because I was terrified to cross lanes of traffic with a left turn and totally fine with right turns.

  2. i'm the worst at rights and lefts.
    it's always those moments when they're like
    "raise your right hand...rachel, you're other right."

    then i'm embarrassed for forever. ha its the worst.

  3. I can remember left & right when I pictured my 3rd grade classroom where it finally stuck in my brain a little. Unfortunately, it's hard to take the time to picture that room when someone is saying, "Turn right!" or "It's to your left."