Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Wake-Up Call

  We got back from our short trip to Utah late last night. Very late. And after two flights with a sick baby (one of which I sat in front of a woman with a rather loud voice who appeared to be afraid of silence), all I kept thinking about on the hour and a half drive home was bed. Sweet, glorious bed. I'd just drop my bags on the living room floor and curl up in the fetal position on my nice, soft bed. If I could do that, the world would be an okay place again. And, finally, at one in the morning, I opened my front door.

  And saw our next-door neighbor asleep on our recliner.

  Now, I can almost understand this. She was watching Sylvester for us, they were cuddling, and she fell asleep. I can almost overlook that. Almost. But the part that got me is that SHE DIDN'T LEAVE RIGHT AWAY.

  I imagine if this happened to me, I would immediately jump up and say something along the lines of, "Oh man, I'm so sorry I accidentally fell asleep! I'm going to head out now and let you guys get some rest." But no. She greeted us with a smile and a "Hey, guys!", like we were visiting her house. She then went on to tell us about hers and Sylvester's "bonding time". And to ask us details about our vacation. Then she wanted to just sit and admire Lincoln for a while.

  After maybe twenty minutes, she finally headed back next door.

  McKay thought this all perfectly acceptable.

 Please tell me I'm not just being my usual cynical, judgy self and that that whole thing was, in fact, very, very weird.


  1. You totally weren't being judgy. I'd be way frustrated. times a hundred.

    p.s. I really like your blog right? Right.
    I'm awarding you the "Liebster award" :)

    You can see all the details via my blog