Monday, September 24, 2012

And then I Exploded into Happiness Confetti

  On a drunken buzz of approval after I posted my Doctor Who dolls post, I emailed pictures of said dolls to the amazing, the hilarious, the wondrous, one and only JEN YATES from Epbot! That's right. The guru of all things girly and geeky. I LOVE both Cake Wrecks and Epbot, and she seems like such a sweet, kind person, and I so, so badly wanted her approval.

   I'm a little bit pathetic, I know.

  But, anyway, to my great surprise, I just got an email back! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??!

  Um, so I may have taken a screenshot just to prove it . . . Sorry it's kind of a weird size, I tried to download a new version, and Blogger informed me I hit my allotment of photos. What the what?? Not sure what's going on there. ANYHOO, JEN EMAILED ME!!

  Okay, you can't really see it, but it reads as follows:


I am SO virtually high-fiving you over here! These are AWESOME!! I'm still deciding if the pink Dalek or K-9 is my favorite. Or the Cyberman. :)

Thanks for sharing the big geeky grin! You are *officially* the Coolest Aunt EVAH.

- Jen

  Isn't she the greatest?
  I think I can die happy now. I mean, all the Harry Potter books are out, I'm married, I've respawned, and now Jen Yates emailed me. That's pretty much the big four.


  What's something recently that made you squeal in delight?


  1. Congrats on the email! And I agree! You're a way cool aunt..

    "I've re-spawned" haha i think you're so funny.

  2. I made a painting and it didn't take two years!

  3. Finding out people are pregnant often makes me squeal in delight. As long as the pregnant person isn't me. Then I panic.

    That is so awesome!!! You are brave for emailing someone you admire. I think more of us should do that, because that person probably gets excited too. But in my head I'm still seriously uncool and in middle school.

  4. I got a retweet from The Daybook a couple weeks ago and I was giddy with delight. And then with lightheadedness. But then with delight again. I took a screenshot of that too ;)