Saturday, September 1, 2012

McKay is 26!

  This is a few weeks late, but I thought I should acknowledge that my husband is yet another year older and wiser, too!

  For his birthday, McKay wanted to have our friends over for dessert. This gave me terrible anxiety for the weeks leading up to the day, but birthdays are a time when you cope with freaking out-ness for your loved ones. Normally, I don't really like having people over. Introvertness makes it feel like almost an invasion of my privacy, and in my head I keep thinking, "Are they having fun? Oh man, I did not notice that water mark on the couch before. IT'S SO OBVIOUS, they must be judging me for it. Oh, geez, this dessert isn't nearly as good as the last time I made it. I'm such a moron, why did I say that??" But, luckily, our friends in the ward are very nice and didn't even comment on how we were all covered in sweat since our house has no AC and our one fan could not combat the combined body heat of ten people in our teensy living room. And it was fun, despite the heat; everyone brought a dessert, and we sampled them all and joked and laughed.

  BEFORE the party, though, we had PRESENTS! Which, isn't that what birthdays are really all about? It's my favorite part, anyway.

A BELT! I know, I give amazing gifts.
Sherlock, season 1 from my parents. McKay kept singing the theme music after he opened it.
Lincoln LOVED helping unwrap McKay's gifts.

I did not get McKay diapers, by the by. Inside was a bag of Snickers and a note that he now owned Arkham City.
Boxes are the best.
  McKay opted for lemon bars over cake once again, so I started baking the second I got home from church. When the bottom layer turned out lame, I quickly scraped it out, ready to re-do it. Then I realized we were out of flour. And I lost it. Crying and banging of pots ensued. Luckily, McKay is ready for my craziness, even on his birthday, and quickly found a neighbor willing to lend us some flour. I love that man and his rational brain.

  Happy birthday, love! You just keep getting better with age. And apparently I just get crazier. Thanks for loving me anyway.

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  1. We just had guests over yesterday and I felt exactly the same way. I was freaking out the whole day and cleaned everything. Like, wait, people are gonna sit on my couch?! Funnily I don't have AC either