Friday, September 14, 2012


  I'm always on the look-out these days for fun, easy, and CHEAP activities to do with Lincoln. One that was easy enough that even I didn't screw it up is called Oobleck. It's from a Dr. Seuss book, and you basically just take two parts cornstarch to one part water and add food coloring. You can check it out here, as well as a zillion other places on the internet. I played with it myself quite a bit, I've always liked gooey stuff (not sticky. Sticky is gross, goo is fun). Oobleck is awesome because it's solid when you smack it, but it's a liquid otherwise.

  And, more than the miracle of me not screwing it up, Lincoln actually enjoyed it! Huzzah! I made sure his binky was in the entire time, and somehow that didn't end terribly.

  I figured this would be a bit messy, so we kept his wardrobe simple. Rockin' the diaper look.

(sorry this video is sideways, it won't load when I turn it right-side up)

  What do you do to entertain the little ones in your life? I could use some more ideas!


  1. Oh man! How many times have I made this stuff as a kid and it never dawned on me to make it with the kids I nanny. Next week for sure!!

  2. paint in ziplocs? magnets? bells on bracelets? I think they're pretty fun! and i think your baby is way too cute, and all your fun activities! :)