Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lincoln Crawling

  To celebrate fall's imminent arrival, I decided to film Lincoln crawling after a gourd (I had to look up what it's called, as in my head I refer to them as "not pumpkins". You will hear me try to remember what it's called in one of the videos). Well, in reality, I chose the gourd because Lincoln will crawl after only two things: 1. Sylvester and 2. Something he has not yet put in his mouth.

  Anyhoo, the first video has the crawling juiciness (Lincoln favors Army Crawling), the second is really long and boring, and mostly put on here for my personal amusement because halfway through Lincoln decides to try crawling on his knees and gets stuck, which I find hilarious.

Sorry my blog has pretty much morphed into a "this is my baby" blog. I was struggling with a bout of depression for a while, until I remembered all those vitamins I'm supposed to be taking because I'm incredibly deficient in just about everything. Feeling much better now that I'm taking them, don't underestimate the power of Vitamin D. I've also been working on a project of awesome proportions that I'm almost done with and I'm HECKA excited to show you guys!

  To tide you over until then, here are a few hilarious things that I'm wasting most of my time on now:

  The first is Pinstrosity, which takes all those popular Pinterest pins and puts them to the test. I've unpinned several of my pins because I realized how hard it is to do them without completely screwing them up (like the ol' jello-into-straws-to-make-worms dealio). It's a hilarious site, and basically my life of crafting in a nutshell. It's also great because it gives you helpful hints how to actually make the craft successfully.

  The other is Suri's Burn Book. Do you want to hear a fictionalized Suri Cruise making fun of all the other famous babies? OF COURSE YOU DO. It's great fun, check it out.

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  1. I had the same thing happen with vitamins. Also iron supplements helped because I was more tired and cranky than depressed.