Thursday, October 18, 2012

One of Those Mornings That're 'Grrrrr' Without the "eeeat!"

  This morning I went to the local college to pick up a test I had taken for my online math class. As I walked up with Lincoln in my arms, I felt a wave of nostalgia, missing the days I could go to class in person and interact with other people.

  Going into the library, a young man arrived at the door at the same time as me. Not only did I get to hold the door open for him (keep in mind, I am holding a twenty pound baby), but he also did not so much as look at me, let alone say 'thank you'. I called him a d-bag in my head and moved on.

  At the counter for the Learning Center, I asked if I could pick up my test.

WOMAN WHO WORKS THERE 1: [scrunching her face as if I've said the most incomprehensible thing in the world] "Pick up"?

ME: Uh, yes.

WWWT 1: You don't pick up tests here.

ME: This is where my teacher told us to get our tests.

WWWT 1: Do you mean 'review'? Because we don't give out tests here. (turns to Woman Who Works There 2) Do we give out tests here?

WWWT 2: No.

WWWT 1: Yeah, we don't give out tests here. Do you want to review the test?

ME: [no idea what 'reviewing' a test means] Sure.

WWWT 1: Can I see your ID?

  (I juggle Lincoln around until I can get to my wallet, and produce my ID. WWWT glances at it and starts to head to the back, then turns to me.)

WWWT 1: What's your last name?

ME: Beesley.

(WWWT 1 then disappears for about three seconds, then comes back.)

 WWWT 1: What's your teacher's name?

  (I tell her)

WWWT 1: Oh right. She teaches English, yeah? Or reading?

ME: Math.

WWWT 1: Oh.

(WWWT disappears for another two seconds, then comes back)

WWWT 1: What's your course number?

ME: [sighing] I don't know.

(WWWT 1 turns to WWWT 2 for help)

WWWT 2: [acting as if I'm a moron] You don't know your class number?

ME: I'm not sure. It's College Algebra. I think it might be MATH 111.

WWWT 2: Oh, it's an online class?

ME: Yes.

WWWT 2: Oh, you CAN pick up online class tests here. What's your name?

ME: Julia Beesley.

WWWT 2: Can I see your ID?

(about to lose it, I start shuffling Lincoln around again to get to my ID a second time.)

  They present the test to me with a flourish. I thank them through gritted teeth.

  On the way back to my car, going to school in person suddenly seemed much less appealing. As did interacting with people.

  Any of you guys have frustrating encounters lately?


  1. Pretty much every encounter with the four- and five-year-olds I nanny is super frustrating. If I've learned anything its that I'm teaching Olivia to respond to me when I say her name. Especially when I'm like a foot away. And then my husband dared not to answer me when I asked him a question the other night. . . poor guy, I almost killed him.

  2. The majority of Oregonians sound like jerk-offs. Simple as that.
    Move back to Utah. Or at least California. People here are practically tripping over themselves to open doors for the poor student mom with the stroller. They want to serve SO BAD! It's rather nice.
    Hope your day has been better than your morning!

    1. Actually, most Oregonians are very nice! Much nicer than many of the people I met in Happy Valley, that's partly why this encounter was so weird. But I definitely miss California. . .

  3. My husband accidentally took the keys to work but left the van... Frustrating, but I wasn't mad, I try not to get upset with him, it seems pointless. Anyway, I had to call his work, he works at the BYU cougareat, but apparently you just call the building he works in, because the actual cafe doesn't have phones haha... here I am, stranded at the doctors, waiting for someone to get in touch with him because there's no phone where he works and he's not allowed to have his cell phone.... strange place. thankfully everyone was nice though. and I didn't have to walk too far with baby in my arms because they let Justin leave for a few minutes to bring me the keys (I left the carseat on the top of the car with a note that said if anyone touched it I'd kill them). It was fun... I'm just learning to laugh at these things haha.