Sunday, October 21, 2012


  Fall is the one time of year where Oregon is superior in pretty much every way to California. The colors, the weather, and . . . well, okay, that's about it.

  But look how pretty!

  And of course, what fall is complete without BABIES IN SWEATERS??! (and mega awesome hats that you got on sale at Target!)

   He's a Dapper Dan Man!

He then ate that leaf.

  Happy Fall!


  1. I don't know what's better to look at - fall colors or adorable little boys? And you know I'm crazy about fall! Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Those pictures of Lincoln make me excited to have a boy!! (PS I now feel pressure to make great comments. I'm just going to say what first comes to mind. That seems to have worked in the past)

  3. Fall is my favorite season fo sho. It's too bad it never lasts very long. As soon as the leaves turn those beautiful colors, they fall! Hence the name I guess.

    Lincoln looks so spiffy! Love the little Newsie hat. :)

  4. Where's the beard? I want to see the beard!

  5. SOOOOOOO pretty. That is exactly why I want to live in Oregan. Oh...and you live there too. That would be cool....but man look at the pretty leaves and the awesome overcast skies! Amazing!