Tuesday, October 16, 2012



  I'm really not sure why I'm posting because I have absolutely nothing of interest to say other than to ask: Do you guys ever have days where you feel incredibly stressed and you're not sure why? Like, you want to cry, tear your hair out, curl up into a ball and eat ice cream out of a container, AND THERE'S NO REAL REASON?

  Not because I feel that way, of course. I'm asking for a, uh, friend. Yeah.

  In other news, can you guess what we're going to be for Halloween? Unless I've already told you, that's cheating. Here's a hint. Lincoln found one of our props:

    It's gonna be awesome. I love Halloween. YAY, COSPLAY!


  1. Sometimes I have something really stressful and when its over I can't calm down. . . is that kind of the same thing?

    Are you guys going to be something from Star Wars?

    1. You know, I think that is what happened. I was immensely stressed because our graphing calculator died and I have a homework assignment due tonight that you absolutely MUST have a graphing calculator for. I bought a new one and did the homework during Lincoln's second nap (I usually do it during the first), but the stress of worrying over whether I'd get it done hasn't left. I don't like doing things last minute, if you can't tell, haha.

      And you're in the right genre at least, haha.

  2. Okay, as someone who has anxiety, that sounds exactly like EVERY SINGLE FREAKING DAY of my life. It is awesome. Okay, NOT. Sometimes the ice cream works, sometimes it doesn't. Hot baths ALWAYS work (too bad I don't have a working tub...because I AM that white trash that I have a non-working tub). Reading Kim think that sonic screwdrivers have anything to do with Star Wars did make me laugh out loud which was a welcome feeling today! I hope you get less stress-y-ie and that hot chocolate or ice cream helps! Love you!

  3. Haha I literally just ate ice cream out of the container and I am actually not stressed out today (a rarity these days).
    Guess I'm just a fatty. Dang.

    P.S. I cannot wait to see the epicness of your costumes.