Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lincoln, the Airport Entertainer

    During our travels to and from California, it becamse readily apparent that Lincoln is a bit of an entertainer. He seemed to enjoy keeping the people around him at the airport entertained while they awaited their flights, anyway.

  He even has a rubber chicken. It's difficult to see here, but he took to carrying it like a dog with a bone.

 One of Lincoln's other tricks was trolley-pushing, which delighted many a person walking by.

He then expanded from trollies to strollers. He even gave a jaunty wave to an elderly couple as he walked by them.

  And don't forget about the folks on the tram back to the parking lot! Lincoln decided that dancing was the surest way to entertain the beleaguered crowds. And not just any dancing. . .


We're good parents.

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