Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Proof that I Am the Most Awkward Being on the Planet

  Yesterday at the grocery store, I recognized a woman from my baby group. Without thinking, I called out to her.

 ME: HEY! How's it going?

OTHER MOM: Uh, hey! It's going well.

(I glanced at the baby in the cart, who looked similar to the baby she brought to group, but older. I figured it was an older child she hadn't told me about)

 ME: That's not Jerry . . .

OTHER MOM: Nope, this is Isaac.

 ME: You don't recognize me, do you? From baby group?

 OTHER MOM: Uh, no, I've never been to baby group.

  (At that same moment, I had the sudden realization that this woman was my usual cashier at this grocery chain. She really doesn't look anything like the other mom from baby group, other than some similar piercings)

ME: OH MY GOSH. I'm an idiot. I'm so sorry, I thought you were someone else. I'm going to walk down this aisle now and pretend this never happened.

 OTHER MOM: Don't be embarrassed! Really, it's fine!

  A little while later, I passed by her down another aisle. I pretended not to see her. She waved at me and said, "Have a great day, hon!"

   I shouldn't be permitted out in public.

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