Monday, January 28, 2013

Lincoln Turns 1!

  I'm a few weeks late on this, but now that my laptop is up and at 'zem again, blogging is back ON, suckas!

  Anyhoo, my baby turned one! I didn't want to do an over-the-top insane party that he's never going to remember, so I figured presents and cupcakes would be the appropriate amount of merriment without overloading myself in the midst of rehearsals. But, alas, Lincoln was teething at the time, and even that small amount of celebration was a tad overwhelming. McKay and I were both laughing our I'm-going-to-strangle-someone-any-minute laugh by the end of the night. Never a good sign.

Unwrapping presents was a long and arduous adventure. And, yes, that one has Christmas trees on it. We forgot to bring one of his Christmas presents to California, and we decided it would double as a birthday present. Stop judging me.

  I was most looking forward to Lincoln eating a cupcake, his first real exposure to that beautiful and wondrous world that is chocolate.

  Aaaaaaand, this was his reaction:

  Underwhelming. (And I apologize for my extremely annoying baby voice.)

  Lincoln, raising you has been the hardest, but best thing I've ever done. Ha, that makes it sound like I'm done doesn't it? Nah, we're just getting started. Thank goodness. I've at least got a few more months of cuddles until you magically transform into a teenager overnight and hate my guts. As well you should, I've already doomed you to be a complete nerd. You'll hate me for that for a while. Then you'll thank me. Hopefully.

   One of my favorite times of the day is when you're in your highchair eating solids while I do the dishes. We listen to my Hoosiers station on Pandora, and every once in a while we'll look at each other when a new song comes on and start  bopping to the beat together. Then we both laugh, though I think you do it purely for the sound, you don't find it genuinely amusing like I do.

  Your favorite things as of right now:
  •   Lights. When we enter a new room, first place you look is up to see what the light fixtures are. It's weird, but adorable.
  •  Sylvester. He does not reciprocate. He keeps batting you in the face when you pet/maul him. You think he's playing. He's totally not playing.
  • Whatever I'm eating. Your father taught you to beg like a dog, so whenever I'm eating I can be sure that you'll be there, yanking on my pant leg and panting.
  • Music. See above, we're great at dancing. And by "we", I mean "you".
  • Daddy. I'm chopped liver when he's around, but that's okay. I knew when I married him he'd always be the favorite.
  • Your walker. I'm sorry Daddy and I yelled so loud when you did your first steps. We got overexcited and scared you so bad it was weeks before you would do it again. But you've always been amazing with the walker.
  • Jamba Juice. We discovered that at Downtown Disney, and man, can you chug it.
  • Stairs. Doing laundry while at a friend's house that did not have a baby gate for their stairs was probably the most exhausting three hours of my life. We climbed those suckers somewhere between fifty and a hundred times. Not an exaggeration.
We love you so much, Lincoln. Even though you're a criminal (NAME THAT MOVIE).

  Happy first birthday!